If we’ve learned anything by reviewing Vapesox, it’s that we can expect quality and the Vapesox VS6 is no exception. Similar to the Vapesox VS5 except the VS6 is designed specifically for box mods. Like the rest of the Vapesox line, the VS6 is made in America which is always nice to see.


Vapesox VS6The VS6 has an elastic pocket where you can store e-Liquid or spare batteries and has a drawstring to tighten up and keep your box mod safe.


The color options aren’t as extensive as the VS5 line but they’ve already got 6 color options – Black Lizard, Black Carbon Fiber, Dark Silver Carbon Fiber, Red Snake Skin, Bamboo, and Blue Matrix – with more on the way.


If you have a box mod, you know that they can be more delicate than mechanical mods. The durable faux leather, elastic and nylon VS6 definitely adds some protection to an otherwise fragile box mod. Of course, some box mods include a silicon case which helps. That combined with a Vapesox will help you rest easy.


Like with the rest of the Vapesox line, the prices are a little higher but that’s because they’re all made in USA and the quality is noticeable compared to the Chinese made cases. The material is thicker and the inside material is much softer and less abrasive.


These cases are meant for those who truly treasure their mods and want to keep them safe. You probably won’t spend the money on these cases for an entry level box mod, but if spent a hundred bucks or more on a mod, you want to look at the VS6.

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