Manufacturer: Native Vaporz

Flavor: Forbidden Jungle

Flavor Profile: Savory well-rounded apple pie


The flavor profile for Native Vaporz Forbidden Jungle e-Liquid is a little ambiguous. What kind of apple pie? Caramel apple pie? Spiced apple pie? Apple empanada? There are so many apple pies to choose from! Well, Mod Squad Vapes is here to take the mystery out of this vape…er…(vaper? hehe) mystery… Thought I had something better for that. Onwards!



Well, there definitely is apple on the nose and a very strong pie crust smell. There may be an underlying caramel flavor but it’s hard to detect off the bat since caramel can blend together with pie crust flavors. Can’t detect any spices or cinnamon or anything like that. There may also be some vanilla, but again this is a hard flavor to detect against the much more potent apple flavor. I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what kind of apple also. Normally when I think “apple pie” I think green apples but this smells more like Fiji or Washington Apples. Interesting.



The inhale flavor is mostly pie crust (which I love). Unusual to me because I was definitely expecting the apple to be stronger on the inhale. I can taste apples on the sides of my tongue but it’s nowhere near the as potent as the crust. Seems like a graham cracker crust. There is some vanilla that I can taste, faint but it’s there. And when I say vanilla, I mean vanilla extract. More savory than sweet. There’s a nice throat hit, a little more than I usually like but I’m much more partial to smooth hits. But it’s not overbearing at all.



The mystery is unveiled on the exhale. It’s more of apple tart or strudel than an apple pie which explains why there is more of a crust flavor than apple. The apple is an undertone and if you compare that to an apple strudel, a closed top pastry with some apple filling versus a traditional (or at least how I think of traditional) apple pie that is open topped with way more apples than the crust. There’s also some other fruit flavor that I pick up. It’s hard to put my finger on it but the closest thing I can think of would be a raisin. If you don’t like raisins, don’t get grossed out. It’s so faint that I could barely tell it was there, there’s a good chance you might not notice it, or that I’ve got unusual taste buds.


Vapor Texture

The texture is rich and thick with some nice pillows. I was expecting a thinner texture because of the throat hit I got but I was wrong. It’s nice and puffy and lingers for a bit.



An unusual favor that defied my expectations. I was expecting a more caramel apple a la mode type of apple pie, more sweet and tangy with some spice to it. But instead, I was greeted with a more subtle, savory e-Liquid. It was a pleasant surprise and nice change since I’ve been on a fruit flavor kick for a while and I prefer savory dessert flavors. They have both 15mL and 30mL options available which are nice also.



If you’re expecting or looking for sweet, this probably isn’t for you. Other than that, I really can’t think of anything else. The price is on par with other gourmet juice lines at around $12 or $13 a bottle but you can save a little bit of money with the 30mL bottles.



This was a great way to be introduced to the Native Vaporz line. It wasn’t what I was expecting but in a good way. I love being surprised by a flavor and I certainly was with Forbidden Jungle. The savory, heavier on the crust flavor was a great twist to the staple apple pie e-Liquids on the market. Can’t wait to review some more Native Vaporz flavors!

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