A few months back I was sitting around wondering what KangerTech was going to do, if anything, to combat the onslaught of innovation brought forth in the e-cig industry. The Aspire  Atlantis had just come out and I was a huge fan. I was sure that the Atlantis would be my go-to vape for a good time coming.But I could not have been more wrong! KangerTech released their new flagship tank, the Subtank, in Dec 2014 and changed everything. KangerTech really hit the ball out of the park with their new Subtank Coils. OCC Stands for ‘Organic Cotton Coil’ The new Subtank coils consist of Japanese Cotton wrapped around 0.5 OHM and 1.2 OHM wire.These new coils produce amazing flavor & vapor production. They also include a new rebuildable atomizer head so you can wrap your own coils and vape them on the Subtank. I’ll admit, I built it a few different way and always went back to my Kayfun or Aqua RTAs.


KangerTech states:

The revolutionary Subtank hybrid, A first of its kind. Giving you the freedom to switch between Kanger’s newly designed OrganicCotton Coil heads (OCC) and a new rebuildable atomizer head. OCC makes use of organic cotton as wick which is much healthier.With just a few twists, you can switch from a convenient vaping experience to getting down and modifying by making your own coils and choosing your own wicks to your pleasure.After using the Subtank & it’s superior coil I realized the Aspire Atlantis flavor was much more muted than I had thought. The Subtank was now my new go to vape and has been now for 2.5 months, so it is standing the test of time. I can’t wait to see.


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